Xeo 2 Review

A year on and the Dynaudio Xeo 2’s are one of my most used every day tech. Since my living space also doubles as my office, these speakers live permanently in my room.

This makes sense for me because it’s also the room I spend the most time in, and therefore listen to the most music & media. I love these speakers because they are so incredibly versatile, functional and as a bonus look fantastic too.

Philosophy behind the Xeo 2’s:

Music should sound great. Music should be convenient. For some people, the latter is absolutely crucial. They believe that listening to your favorite tracks should be easy. That nothing should come between them and the listening experience. We believe that as well: there shouldn’t be a tradeoff.
You don’t have to sacrifice sound reproduction for convenience and vice versa. You can actually have your cake and eat it, too.

This certainly rings true with the Xeo 2’s.


Stream anything to them wirelessly via Bluetooth but also offers on-board physical inputs: digital optical (which can handle 24-bit/192kHz hi-res files), RCA stereo, and 3.5mm minijack. Controlling the speakers is simple, either using the provided the remote or touch sensitive controls on top.

The speakers are intelligent with advanced digital processing technology- just tell the Xeo 2’s where they are positioned in the room (using the rear switch), and they will adjust the sound & volume accordingly.

PLUS, with the firmware updates this means you can look forward to new features and functions (see tips and tricks article, coming soon).

Although outside of the bluetooth connection, you also have options for a variety of inputs including analog (RCA, Minijack), digital (Toslink), and wireless ( Hub, and Connect). For example, I also have my speakers set up directly through the optical input of my TV for that immersive cinema experience.


Good looking, versatile, crystal clear sound and the ability for expansion- what more could you want?

I love the size and appearance of these speakers. The set-up was so simple. Expandable for multi-room wireless function is a huge plus. It handles a range of music genres, and it’s crystal clear every time. Powerful enough for large spaces, not just small. A set of 2 Dynaudio Xeo 2’s is priced at RRP $1,999.

For more information on the Xeo 2’s head to Dynaudio, or to test them out in real life head here. For stockists head to BusiSoft AV.

This review was written by Andrea In Arcadia for a client of Sydney PR’s.

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